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  Book Description
Xanthe (Zan-thee)
ISBN Number : 0-9795534-3-1
Cover Price : U.S. $ 9.95
Format : Paperback: 72 pages
Age Group : For ages 6+
Xanthe is a very pretty girl with a pretty, if unusual name. She loves her name. She writes it all the time and on everything. Xanthe has never met another Xanthe. She thinks this is remarkable considering she has lived in six countries and she is only 10 years old. Her favorite T-shirt says "X marks the spot" because Xanthe begins with X. So it comes as quite a surprise when a new student joins Xanthe's class wearing the same T-shirt. Uh oh! What does this mean for Xanthe and for the "new" girl.
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